TV Projects
Beverly Hills Groomer / Animal Planet
Tune in to Beverly Hills Groomer on Animal Planet, beginning in May. Cameron is a business expert to young celebrity dog groomer, Artist Knox on this exciting new series.
Beat the Boss / BBC
Beat the Boss is an extremely popular show in the UK which airs on the BBC. The show challenges 3 kids to compete against 3 millionaires to come up with a creative new business idea in 24 hours. Cameron hosted Season 4 of Beat the Boss which aired in the UK on the BBC in January, 2009.
Oprah's Big Give / ABC
Oprah's Big Give was Oprah Winfrey's first ever prime time television series. It aired on ABC for 8 episodes in March and April 2008. The show challenged 10 people to compete to travel the country and compete to help those in need. Cameron was one of the 10 contestants and ultimately a runner-up on the show.

His Companies is an online community giving entrepreneurs the resources they need to start, grow, and profit from their business. BETA
Ford Dealership
Cameron is currently an outside consultant to a Ford dealership in Roanoke, Virginia. He helps advise their marketing, and new and pre-owned sales departments. He has held this position since January, 2004.

Jobs for Virginia Graduates
Jobs for Virginia Graduates is a non-profit organization helping high-school students stay in school and provide work-based learning experiences. Cameron currently serves as a Board Member to Jobs for Virginia Graduates.
Several of these websites and businesses may still be live and in operation however Cameron is, in no way, associated with any of the websites listed below. 2004
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Cheers and Tears
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