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September 26th, 2009
Ten Outstanding Young Americans
Cameron is named one of the Ten Outstanding Young Americans by the US Junior Chamber (Jaycees).
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June 4th, 2009
Young Idealism Leads to Success
...Had he not been so young when he ventured into entrepreneurship, Johnson says he may not have been able to try so many different things, start and fail so many times and ultimately be as successful as he is.
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June 12th, 2008
Under-30 CEO Summit
Fast-rising executives scale the mountain in Utah
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April 22th, 2008
Va. Man Loses Out, but He'll Be Soaking Up the Sun
The 23-year-old whiz kid from Roanoke, a self-made millionaire and philanthropist who started a greeting card and party invitation business on his computer when he was 9, was one of three finalists on "Oprah's Big Give," a reality television show on ABC whose goal was to find a life-changing philanthropist.
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April 20th, 2008
Young Entrepreneur Spreads Cheer, With Oprah's Blessing
Johnson is a finalist on "Oprah's Big Give," ABC's latest reality television show: a cross-country charity challenge to find the person who can change the lives of complete strangers in the most creative ways. The youngest of 10 contestants, Johnson is among three remaining for tonight's series finale.
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April 14th, 2008
Roanoker Cameron Johnson advances to final round on 'Oprah's Big Give'
The Roanoke man advanced to the final round of "Oprah's Big Give," a reality program on ABC hosted by Oprah Winfrey that requires contestants to help people in need. The contestants who best fulfill the show's mission to "give big" advance to the next round. Others are eliminated in "Survivor"-esque fashion.
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February 29, 2008
The Morning Show on FOX
Cameron was a guest on The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet on FOX. He shared some terrific advice for entrepeneurs.
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February 4, 2008
Cameron Featured on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch
Cameron was, once again, featured on the Big Idea with Donny Deutsch on CNBC. Cameron participated in two different segments. The first was focusing on tips from You Call the Shots to help entrepreneurs get started regardless of their age. For the second segment, Cameron critiqued an idea along with Donny and another guest.
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January / February 2008
Cameron Featured in The Roanoker's Young & Successful
Once again Cameron has been highlighted in The Roanoker Magazine's annual issue on successful young people making a difference in Southwest Virginia.
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January / February 2008
Cameron Guest-Writer for Networking Times
Cameron was asked by Networking Times to serve as a guest panelist on their new issue which poses the question, How is Generation Y changing the world?
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January 11, 2007
Cameron live on View from the Bay in San Francisco
Your child could become a millionaire if given the tools to understand entrepreneurship and money management. And we have living proof...

January 9, 2007
Generation Y's goal? Wealth and fame
Cameron is quoted providing insight into his generation's problems with becoming obsessed with wealth and fame...
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May 9, 2006
For some, business acumen just comes naturally
Seizing opportunities that no one else seems to notice is a defining trait - if not the core trait - of the American entrepreneur, according to Brent Bowers, who ferreted out the stories of such business swashbucklers for his new book, ''If at First You Don't Succeed: The Eight Patterns of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs"
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December 19, 2004
At 20, Cameron Johnson has already created a dozen sites
His accolades keep growing, and this time, they've drawn Republican recognition. In August, Roanoke's Cameron Johnson, 19, was named small business leader of the month for the Bush/Cheney campaign.
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September 9, 2004
Teen launches his 11th Internet business endeavor
His accolades keep growing, and this time, they've drawn Republican recognition. In August, Roanoke's Cameron Johnson, 19, was named small business leader of the month for the Bush/Cheney campaign.
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June 2004
A Conversation with Cameron Johnson, author of 15-Year-Old CEO
When a prominent Tokyo corporation invited 15-year-old Cameron Johnson to Japan to be their corporate spokesperson...
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May/June 2004
For the third year, The Roanoker salutes the incredible talents and achievements of the area's young people. And what a group they are. From a budding Donald Trump...

May 21, 2004
How Tech Got Its Groove Back
Cautiously optimistic. Those are the words you hear, from Silicon Valley to New York City, when you ask about the mood of the technology industry today. From young startups to old pros, everybody is looking hopefully forward while keeping one eye on...
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February 27, 2004
Teenage entrepreneur shops Internet venture to VC firms
Local entrepreneur Nat Turner hopes to cash in on the popularity of retail gift cards with the recent launch of, a Web site that allows consumers to buy, sell or exchange gift certificates at a discounted rate...
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January 22, 2004
Supply and demand
What happens when you get a gift card for a store you don't like?...
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January 14, 2004
As mentioned on The John Tesh Radio Show

January 13, 2004
Unused Gift Card? Swap It For Another -- Or Cash
Did you receive a gift card this holiday that will waste away in your wallet or remain in your junk drawer?...
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